About Us

10th Birthday Celebration

10th anniversary celebratory tour to Westerburg, Germany (August 2014)


26 Employees:

  • Geology: 3 Ph.D.'s, 1 D.Sc., 5 M.Sc.'s, 10 B.Sc. (Hons)
  • Other: (Hons): 1 B.Com., 1 B.A. (Communications), 1 B.Soc.Sci.
  • 9 Competent Persons, 5 Fellows and 10 Members of Professional Societies
  • Committed to continuous professional developement and mentorship
  • Dedicated to walk the extra mile and produce high quality technical deliverables on brief, on budget and on time 


Our Affiliates:

  • Bara Consulting (Mining Engineering)
  • Jim Porter Mining Consulting (Mining Engineering)
  • Mr Peter Kramers (Metallurgy, Backfill and Hydraulic Transport)
  • Explorations Unlimited (Diamond Exploration and Evaluation)
  • Colin Rice Exploration and Training (Drilling Consultant)
  • Theo Pegram and Associates (Geological Consultant)
  • Dr Carina Lemmer (Resource Estimation)
  • Prof Bruce Cairncross (Gemstones and Coal)
  • Prof Nic Beukes (Manganese and Iron Ore)
  • Dr Sharad Master (African Geology)
  • Dr Clive Feather (Laboratory Audits)
  • Mr Bernie Green (Geophysicist)